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My Top 4 Sexting Websites

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A wonderful way to discreetly indulge in your pleasures is being able to talk explicitly with your partners through texting. The unfortunate truth is that we live in a very busy time, not leaving much room for us to explore pleasures which are inherent to us. Thankfully, sexting sites are here for the rescue, offering a way to meet people looking to write explicitly about what they want you to do to them and vice versa. Exploring these options will let you find someone (or many someones) you can indulge in natural pleasures with.

Sexting Websites

Update for 2017 - Sexting Sites

This site keeps up to date with all of the top sexting sites online. We've found every one of these options to be pretty good, in fact we hadn't even heard of Milfplay before checking them out. It's because of this, we think you'll like sexting sites.

1. I Love Sexting

Straight to the point, I Love Sexting is a sexting site for users to sign up and discover other people. The great thing about using this site is that you won’t have to worry about having your approach not being appreciated – these people are obviously in the same position as you are and are interested in finding a partner to engage with. The only thing you have to do is make an account, search for someone who meets your needs, and introduce yourself. Having access to an aggregated community of like-minded people means that you’ll never run out of people to enjoy your time with.


Check this out – AROUSR is a premium sexting site which lets you browse through the profiles of available women you can either sext or have phone conversations with. Signing up with your phone number automatically provides you with 100 free credits to use in order to discover if it’s something you want to continue using. Don’t worry, the site has been thoroughly checked and it wouldn’t be linked unless we were positive it is a legitimate business. Your billing info will not be used unless you personally decide to purchase more credits. This is a great sexting site option if you are looking to chat with someone that is guaranteed to give you a good time.

3. OkCupid

This option is a little unorthodox, but definitely a creative way to find someone local or that has similar interests to you. Using the search engine in OkCupid to find profiles which have the word “sexting” in their description will let you find partners which are obviously interested in having a good, virtual time. However, keep in mind that OkCupid is geared more toward dating. It is not explicitly a sexting site, so if you find someone you would like to talk with, don’t make unnecessary or lewd advances unless it’s clear they are interested in it. You’ll have to make a good first impression, as phone numbers are generally only shared between members in private messages.

4. Twitter

We Love Sexting is just one example of a community on the social networking site Twitter. This method is a little more difficult to search through, but it’s updated in real time and allows you to view members which are open enough about their desires to post it to the whole world. What does that mean for you? It means you’ve untapped the power to turn social media into sexting sites – feel free to search additional mediums by searching for active groups. Befriending those who take part of the activities will potentially give you the opportunity to find someone who is actively looking for the same things you are.

This is what’s so beautiful about the modern day’s internet. Even when searching for something as obscure as the sexting site of your dreams, there are numerous options to explore. Just a simple search and you’ve got the numbers of thousands of willing participants at your fingertips. No more frustration and hassle. Find chemistry with someone and see what pleasures you can indulge in.